Kula Foundation

At Kula, we believe the access to food should be a basic human right. Food is also a universal language of love and comfort. There are millions of people experiencing starvation, and over a billion tonnes of food being wasted around the world. To innovate and create sustainable technologies to help others, is at the heart of everything we do. Kula Foundations is a not-for-profit organisation. We are working hard behind the scenes to create ”Kula Hubs” around the world (from Kenya, Phillipines, China to Australia) to build food educational programs, workshops, talks and greenhouses to empower those living in low economic communities. We believe that with education, community support and technology – we will be able to help those in need to take part and flourish in the future of the ‘green economy’.

  • Food and wellness workshops and talks
  • Greenhouse & technology education
  • KulaKonnect – bridging our communities to help those living in low economic communities.
  • KulaKids programs – empowering the next generation on urban farming and health.