Kula Harvest

Our vision is to empower everyone on the planet to have access to food. To do this, we’ve created a Kula Harvest kit that aims to grow sustainable food source easily in your own home with a touch of a button. Kula’s mission is to cut down on food wastage, provide food traceability and the ability to grow your own food. The Kula harvest kit is a patented smart nano-farm, powered by IBM Watson and customisable based on your space. You can grow over 200 different varieties of chemical free, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables in as little as 2 weeks with 500% more produce and 80% less water and space compared to traditional soil growing. Our smart IoT sensors help growers harvest healthy crops with a tap of an app.

Key Features
  • Machine learning to care, grow and harvest your plant
  • Managed via IOT sensors and tap of an App
  • Grow nutrient rich and chemical free fruits and vegetables
  • 200+ varieties of food
  • Modular and stackable
  • Effortless and easy to use