About Us

Kula A.I. is an agri-tech company focused on finding new way to feed the world. We want to empower everyone on the planet to grow their own food, because we believe access to food is a basic human right.


Kula is not afraid to break through the current system and push forward to see what’s possible in the future of technology, food and sustainability.

We are building a harvest kit and a marketplace app for buying, selling and growing healthy food, which will revolutionise agriculture as we know it.

What We Do?

Our mission is to empower everyone on the planet to have access to food.

Everything we do at Kula AI embodies this mission. All our brands, are built with the hope that one day everyone in our community can grow their own food or have access to produce that Kula AI has helped create, or distribute.

Join us on this mission by contacting us, and little by little we can all empower everyone to have access to food.


Our Team

Co-Founder, BDM, Creative Director and Design

Ting is a photographer and yoga teacher. 2009 was a transformative year for Ting as she traveled to Egypt to learn about the connection between ourself and our culture. Ting’s work is heavily influenced by nature and philosophy. Studying anthropology revealed the “Kula Exchange” tradition, which set the foundation for the birth of Kula. In 2015, Ting co-founded Kulafoods with Pam, and later travelled to Borneo to adopt an Orangutan and film a documentary on animal and environmental conservation.

Co-Founder, Finance and Operations

A qualified Chartered Accountant and massage therapist. Pam is a number cruncher at heart, and loves all things spreadsheets, flow charts and efficiencies. But what she loves more is trekking through remote parts of the world and climbing mountains. It is this craving for exploration that has inspired her to start Kula, and help empower everyone on the planet, including those in remote villages or urban cities to have access to food.