A social and visual marketplace app. The app helps users discover, buy and sell, healthy dishes and fresh produce from restaurants, home chefs, urban growers and small businesses.
A smart, vertical and stackable nano-farm powered by IBM Watson. The Kula Harvest Kit can be customised based on your space. It can grow more than 20 vegetables at a time, chemical free, soil free in 80% less space and consuming 80% less water than traditional farming methods.
The word “Kula” means community, and we believe that with small things, big things grow. We’ve set up the Kula Foundation, a charity focused on helping everyone in the community to have access to food using our technology.
Kulafoods.com is our front facing outlet. It is an online food & wellness publication website filled with a healthy restaurant search engine, expert collaborations and blogs, video content and educational materials. It is also Australia’s best healthy eats guide.


Kula A.I. is an agri-tech company focused on finding new ways to feed the world. We want to empower everyone on the planet to grow their own food, because we believe access to food is a basic human right.


Kula is not afraid to break through the current system and push forward to see what’s possible in the future of technology, food and sustainability. We are building a harvest kit and a marketplace app for buying, selling and growing healthy food, which will revolutionise agriculture as we know it.

Our Story

KULA A.I. is an Agri-Tech company with a mission to empower everyone on the planet to have access to food. Ting and Pam founded Kulafoods in 2015, which started as a wholefoods company. In August 2016, Conor joined the team to form Kula A.I., a complete hardware and marketplace solution for buying, selling and growing organic food that will revolutionise agriculture as we know it. 

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