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Kula Unveils Powerful New Features: Introducing Projects & Reviews!

Explore New Features, Projects, and Reviews! Gain insights into our robust features for confident hiring on Kula's user-friendly platform.


Get ready to transform your recruitment experience with Kula's latest game-changers

Introducing Projects and Reviews!

Designed to boost collaboration, transparency, and efficiency, these powerful features empower both in-house recruiters and agency clients to achieve smoother, more data-driven hiring journeys.

Addressing Pain Points: we're all about making things better for you!
  • Scattered communication and information silos: Kula centralises everything, providing clear visibility into projects, talent pools, and candidate feedback – no more information black holes!
  • Lack of transparency and visibility: Both features offer clear insights into the hiring process, keeping everyone aligned.
  • Difficult decision-making without diverse perspectives: Reviews enable collaborative evaluation, fostering informed hiring decisions based on multiple viewpoints.

Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness!

  • Streamlined workflows: Manage projects and evaluate candidates effortlessly, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced busywork: Intuitive interfaces and features like bulk candidate import minimise administrative tasks.
  • Better talent acquisition: Improved partnership, transparency, and data-driven decisions help you attract and hire top talent.

Introducing Kula Projects: Your Centralised Collaboration Hub

Imagine a world where everyone involved in hiring – from recruiters to hiring managers to external partners – is effortlessly on the same page. Kula Projects makes this dream a reality with its centralised hub, offering:

  • Effortless Collaboration: Ditch scattered documents and chaotic communication. Associate seamlessly on projects with everyone involved.
  • Information at Your Fingertips: Consolidate all hiring program information in one place for easy access and rational decisions. 
  • Unparalleled Visibility: Track progress, and gain clear visibility into your entire recruitment process.
  • No More Data Silos: Eliminate the risk of losing valuable data. Kula keeps everything under one umbrella  and organised for all stakeholders.
  • Organisational Efficiency Redefined: Manage multiple hiring initiatives with ease using dedicated Kula Projects.
Projects Overview

Exploring the Kula Projects Dashboard: Your Navigation Oasis

Feeling overwhelmed by a growing project portfolio? Kula's Projects Dashboard has your back:

  • Effortless Project Creation: Get started in a flash with just a click.
  • Smart Filtering: Find specific projects based on talent pools, creators, or client companies.
Smart Filtering
  • Customizable Views: Tailor your experience with All, My, Shared, or Archived project views.
Customizable views
  • Dynamic Sorting: Arrange projects alphabetically or by creation date for maximum control.
Dynamic sorting
  • Intuitive Search: Dive deep with keywords to instantly find the project you need.

Kula Reviews: Unleash the Power of Collaborative Evaluation

Recruiting doesn't happen in a vacuum. Gather valuable insights from multiple team members with Kula Reviews, your secret weapon for:

  • Collective Evaluation: Get diverse perspectives to paint a holistic picture of each candidate's potential.
  • Centralised Feedback Repository: Ditch scattered notes and emails. Keep all feedback organised within each project, accessible to everyone involved.

Ready to experience the review revolution? Let's explore the Kula Reviews Dashboard

  • Smart Filtering: Find specific reviews based on projects, reviewers, or requesters.
Smart Filtering
  • Dynamic Sorting: Organise reviews alphabetically or by creation date for control.
Dynamic sorting
  • Intuitive Search : Dive deep with keywords to instantly find the review you need.

Distinct Views for Clients and In - house Recruiters:

  • Client View : Track review progress, monitor candidate success, and stay informed about rejections – all fostering transparency.
  • Recruiter View: Facilitate seamless collaboration with hiring managers, request reviews, and make data-driven decisions with valuable candidate insights.
Recruiter View Metrics
Hiring Manager View Metrics

Effortless and Collaborative Reviewing:

  • Reviewer Notification: Reviewers receive email invitations with access to awaiting candidates.
  • External Collaborator Access : No Kula licence needed! Collaborators can easily access the portal for candidate review.
  •  Decision and Note Addition : Mark candidates as "Good Fit" or "Not A Good Fit" and add valuable context or feedback.
"Good fit "or "Not a good Fit"

Kula Reviews is more than just a review tool; it's a game-changer for collaborative recruitment. Experience the difference and watch your hiring decisions soar!

The Power of the Duo: Projects & Reviews Combined

Imagine the magic of seamlessly managing projects, gathering insightful feedback, and making data-driven decisions – all within one user-friendly platform. That's the power of combining Kula Projects and Reviews! Experience the difference and watch your hiring decisions soar to new heights.

Ready to Join the Kula Revolution?

Sign up for a free trial and see how Kula Projects and Reviews can transform your recruitment journey. It's time to say goodbye to chaos and hello to a happier, more efficient, and collaborative hiring experience for both clients and recruiters.

Bonus Tip: Leverage the combined power of Projects and Reviews to create an unstoppable recruitment force. Streamline workflows, gather valuable insights, and make confident hiring decisions – all within Kula's user-friendly platform.

Don't wait any longer! Start your free trial today and experience the Kula difference!

Sandra Rachel Oommen

Content Marketer

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