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Our Story

Built by recruiters. Built for recruiters.

We have made those three dozen trackers and failed at maintaining them. We have felt the drain stakeholder management is. We have clenched our fists when a candidate slips through at the very last stage. We have lived with the blame of us ghosting candidates. We have been there - right from the intake meetings to closing a position - we have lived the chaos.And we want to end it. Now.

A letter from Achu, CEO and Chief Recruiter.

I have been a recruiter for almost all my career. I left a plush coding job at Microsoft to become one. I figured the conversations with people are much more vivid, while with computers, it's mostly binary.

Through the years, almost everything about business has changed. Almost - except for the tools to hire better, faster.

We don't love the broken way of working. We just didn't have an alternative.
Through the years, at Stripe, Uber, and Freshworks, I built an internal system that changed the way I hired the most coveted candidates. I wanted to share it with all the recruiters in the world.

A discussion with my engineer friends Sath and Suman revealed that we can build a reliable, scalable solution that helps us make proactive recruitment, a reality.
It wasn't long before the three of us came together and started creating Kula.

Meet the Kulanauts

Meet the passionate bunch of folks who decided to take the plunge and serve the best for recruiters.

Sandra Rachel Oommen
Content Marketer

Vilani Walter

Erin Estabaya
Founding Customer Success Manager

Antonio Autiero

Achuthanand Tanjore Ravi
Co-founder and CEO

Suman Kumar Dey
Co-founder & Architect

Sathappan M
Co-founder & CTO

Sathya Seelan Mohanraj
Finance Executive

Rohit Srivastav
Founding Marketer

Jayanth Jason

Rajasekar Murugan
Software Engineer

Abhishek D
Software Engineer

Matthew Yeow
Software Developer

Manikandan Subramanium
Software Engineer

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