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Make recruitment more efficient. Boost recruiter productivity.

Kula is a recruitment automation platform that lets you proactively reach out and engage with the top talent everywhere. With Kula, you have complete control, visibility, and predictability on your entire talent pipeline.

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Teams at their top of recruiting game use Kula

Your talent pipeline isn’t a pipe dream anymore

Without Kula

Before Kula: Candidates are scattered all over. Managing operations is the most hated part of recruitment.

With Kula

After Kula: All candidates are in one place. Your communication is automated. You have reports ready for every opening. You feel confident.

Double the hires, half the effort

Open conversations and nurture relationships at scale and be the first choice when your ideal candidate is ready to explore.

Kula Flows

Automated Candidate Follow-ups

For prospective candidates, send automated, periodic follow-ups and value-adds to nurture long-term relationships

Kula Flows

Personalized Candidate Reach Outs

No more spray and pray. Ensure 1:1 communication to all of your connections through dynamic personalization capabilities

Kula Flows

Reach out on channels candidates prefer

Devise multichannel engagement flows with email, LinkedIn requests, and InMails.

Turn employee's networks into your talent pipeline

Bring all professional connections of your existing team members on one platform, request referrals in a click, and get an intro in another.

Kula Circles

All your employees’ networks in one place

Bring all your employee networks spread across LinkedIn, Gmail, and spreadsheets, together on one single platform. Apply advanced filters and mine for best-fit candidates.


Measure the talent pipeline, manage recruiting performance, and forecast predictably by having complete visibility over the metrics that matter for your recruitment process.

Kula Everywhere

Meet our chrome extension. It lets you add contacts to Kula just as easily as you would want it. One-click and your fresh prospect is ready for a personalized reach out.

Security isn't an afterthought for us

Our secure development practices have enterprise-grade security baked in, by design. The SOC 2 Type II certification, user permissions, and role controls mitigate cybersecurity risks and ensure greater peace of mind.

Plays well with your recruitment stack

Kula integrates with your prospecting tools, ATS, and everything else in your hiring stack. Thus, saving you hours of time and boat-loads of frustration from copying data and updating status on multiple excel sheets and dashboards for every new candidate.

"Kula is building a solution that is desperately needed in today’s ultra-competitive talent market. The team combines a deep understanding of recruiting with the latest product and engineering standards - resulting in an intuitive and super-efficient solution that users love."

Roel Janssen

Partner at Global Founders Capital

" The talent market is at its competitive best right now. Hiring great talent is not just how you grow, but exist. The founding team of Kula has just the ingredients to solve the recruitment puzzle for companies at all stages of growth."

Girish Mathrubootham

CEO & Founder, Freshworks (NASDAQ: FRSH)

"The hiring process continues to be frustrating, despite the tools/solutions around, and I have faced this as a founder. From consolidating top of the funnel, reaching out to networks, working the references, etc, the workflow consumes more energy than the final act of hiring itself. Kula’s founding team brings a brilliant combination of solid recruiting experience and engineering talent - giving them the ability to reimagine this on a first-principles basis, even wearing the hat of a customer."

Priya Mohan

Partner at Venture Highway

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