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Recruiting is hard. We get it. It’s even harder when you start falling short of the potential candidate pool coming in through applications. And worst, when candidates back off or ghost you away. But… If you’ve ever approached Outbound Recruiting the right way, you’d know that the chances of best and faster hires are 2X.  (If you haven’t you definitely should.) Well, when you go through our Outbound Recruiting playbook, you’ll not only have notes to take, actions to implement, and hacks you’ll instantly fall in love with, but also become confident about attracting and hiring the right talent with messages that actually make the candidates want to respond to.

In a gist, the playbook has:

Outbound recruiting tips from recruiting experts

Ready-to-use templates for email and LinkedIn Inmails

Everything you need to make yourself a pro outbound recruiter, and hire at a 2X faster speed

Who is the Outbound Recruiting Playbook for?

Everyone who hires!

Whether you’re a founder, a recruiter,  or a hiring manager, this playbook is something you are going to want come back to again and again.
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