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Hand-pick your talent pool

Kula’s one-click sourcing let’s you add them to an engagement flow or a talent pool in seconds. Found someone great on GitHub or LinkedIn? Click, source, engage.

Recruiters engage on ‘behalf of you’

Love the responses for your reach outs but hate password sharing or constant nudges from recruiters? Kula lets your recruiters trigger personalized messages to candidates on your behalf.

Find the hidden gems in your and your department’s network

Get all the first-degree network of your entire department in a closed talent pool. Let recruiters find the best-fit candidates and ask for warm intros. Make referrals proactive.

Track your hiring goals at one place

Kula has a bi-directional sync with your ATS. That means no loss in context between sourcing, engaging, and onboarding. You have one reporting module for all your recruitment tracking needs.

Customer testimonials

" Referrals were the biggest hiring channel for us but very difficult to scale. We had to ping everyone periodically and ask them to refer their friends. With Kula, we made referrals proactive. I could mine for the best candidate from the ChronicleHQ employee network and ask for an introduction. We closed a role within 1 week as compared to 8 weeks before."

Tejas Gawande

Co-Founder at Chronicle

"Kula has made our sourcing 50% faster and we have closed roles 5x faster than before. The dashboard is super easy and everyone at Praxent love recruiting using Kula."

Lauren Moye

Corporate Recruiter, Praxent

Kickstart your outbound recruitment with Kula.

Accelerate your sourcing, enhance your relationships, and recruit top-tier talent.

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