Kula AI can help you generate better‒performing outreach emails with the press of a button.
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Unlock insights to run recruitment strategically.

Track real-time metrics, forecast with confidence, ensure operational efficiency, and improve quality of hire

Default to data-driven decisions with pre-created reports

Access a suite of ready reports giving you a pulse of your outbound recruitment function. Slice and dice by recruiters, time intervals, or the visualization format for easy analysis.

Visualize and optimize your recruitment funnel

A snapshot of all the stages of candidate outreach to help uncover the drop-offs in your funnel. Fix the leaky stages faster to multiply closures.

Track peer performance and boost team KPIs

Remove tribal knowledge by tracking peer performance among recruiters. Improve your team’s KPIs by fostering knowledge sharing within the team.

Measure the ROI of your employee referral program

Track real-time referral funnels. Replace your spreadsheets and scribbled notes with dynamic dashboards and pre-created reports.

"Kula is building a solution that is desperately needed in today’s ultra-competitive talent market. The team combines a deep understanding of recruiting with the latest product and engineering standards - resulting in an intuitive and super-efficient solution that users love."

Roel Janssen

Partner at Global Founders Capital

"The talent market is at its competitive best right now. Hiring great talent is not just how you grow, but exist. The founding team of Kula has just the ingredients to solve the recruitment puzzle for companies at all stages of growth."

Girish Mathrubootham

CEO & Founder, Freshworks (NASDAQ: FRSH)

"The hiring process continues to be frustrating, despite the tools/solutions around, and I have faced this as a founder. From consolidating top of the funnel, reaching out to networks, working the references, etc, the workflow consumes more energy than the final act of hiring itself. Kula’s founding team brings a brilliant combination of solid recruiting experience and engineering talent - giving them the ability to reimagine this on a first-principles basis, even wearing the hat of a customer."

Priya Mohan

Partner at Venture Highway

Get your employee networks together. Turn it into your exclusive talent pool.

Use Circles on Kula and make it frictionless for recruiters to ask for warm intros and for employees to refer candidates.

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