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30+ TA leaders under a rainy roof at Recruiter’s Rendevouz by Kula

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A week of pouring rains in Singapore didn’t stop talent acquisition leaders from attending Kula’s flagship dinner meet-up last week. We call it Recruiter's Rendezvous.

What is Recruiter's Rendezvous? 

Mixers and meet-ups are a common theme among functions like sales and marketing. However, barring large-scale conferences, recruiters seldom get a chance to be a part of such intimate meet-ups. With Recruiter’s Rendezvous, our we aim to do just that - bringing Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders under a roof! (and we did it quite literally recently!)

30+ TA folks at Kula's first ever Recruiter's Rendezvous 

In our inaugural edition, we had the privilege to host over 35 amazing TA leaders. The mix included folks repping brands like Google, Zoom, Workato, and Ubisoft among others.

Along with a unanimous rant for the Singapore weather, and the liking for the food at Levant, the primary discussion went around how TA folks have only recently started getting access to tools and resources that sales and other functions have had for the longest time. But we all agreed that this is just the beginning.

Happy faces at Recruiter's Rendezvous

If there’s one word we’d like to define the evening as, it would be “gratitude”! 

a glimpse of the attendees exchanging conversations and french fries

We say that, and more so confidently because, gratitude was something that was mutually felt throughout the evening. We, the team of Kulanauts, were grateful for the folks who showed up - without them the evening wouldn’t have been what it was; the attendees were grateful that there’s someone out there thinking about recruiting folks; and together all of us were immensely grateful that we were having conversations that really needed attention and would help the TA community as a whole. 

The launch of Kula’s exclusive Slack community 

The timing, the people and the place - all seemed just perfect to launch our flagship Slack community. . 

Relay is an invite-exclusive community for HR folks, where we welcome free-flowing conversations in a high-trust environment. While it is an online community, Recruiter Rendzevous complimented with quarterly meetups at certain key venues. The first offline meet is the 3rd March Dinner in SG, where we will onboard the first batch of community members on to our Slack Group.

Drop a line at  hello@kula.ai with the subject line “Let’s get rolling with Relay!” to request an invite to the community. 

In a wrap, with initiatives like Relay and Recruiter’s Rendzevous, we aim to give the recruiting community everything that it deserves. 

If you were at the event, let us know how was your experience. If you’re someone looking to be a part of such intimate meet-ups or simply want to have a conversation over a coffee, feel free to drop a note or drop by at the Kula HQ in Singapore. 

Happy Recruiting!

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