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How ChronicleHQ closed roles 80% faster using Kula

ChronicleHQ is looking at decreasing the median time to hire by 50% and doubling the recruiter yield. Kula is a pivotal piece in ChronicleHQ’s hyper-growth journey and we are excited to be a part of it. Read more.


Meet Tejas and ChronicleHQ

'ChronicleHQ is the future of presentations. We are doing to slides what Notion did to docs.' This is how Tejas explains ChronicleHQ.

He and his co-founder Mayuresh were strategy consultants in their past life. That meant a lot (LOT) of presentations and decks. They lived and breathed presentations. They loved everything about being a consultant but hated just one thing - the same old boring way of making presentations.

Thus began ChronicleHQ - to change the way people craft and tell compelling stories every day.

Recruitment Challenges

  • Broken systems of recruitment using spreadsheets
  • Lack of Good-fit top of funnel candidates
  • Referrals were reactive needing incessant follow-ups

Recruitment - the old way

Customers loved ChronicleHQ. They wanted more usage, more integrations, more features - more ChronicleHQ. That meant one more thing - more engineers on the team.

At first, Tejas took the same age-old route for referrals - make a role live on the careers page, keep asking and reminding your colleagues to refer a good-fit candidate from their network.

Send emails to candidates, track responses in a spreadsheet, send follow-ups, update the spreadsheet. Rinse. Repeat.

Tejas was frantically searching for a better way to do referrals. Something that is more proactive, where he gets to choose the candidates and not rely on others to find time and source.

Enters Kula

“I didn’t know what to expect from the product but when I saw it, I knew this will make my life so much easier. I was blown away by the sophistication of the UI and the use cases.”
- Tejas, Co-founder, ChronicleHQ
The Circles module inside Kula helps you make referrals pro-active.
“Before Kula, we had to ping all our team mates at ChronicleHQ and ask if their friends are looking out and if they know a good fit for the open roles. With Kula, I could pin-point the best-fit people from their network and directly ask for an intro. Super smooth and effective!”
Tejas, Co-founder, ChronicleHQ

Circles is a cumulative talent pool of all your employee networks, available to the founders and recruiters to filter and find their next hire. Once you identify a candidate, you can see who in your company is connected to that candidate. 

In one click, you can ask an introduction to the candidate through the connected employee. In another click, the connected employee can trigger an automated, personalized email to the candidate with the recruiter in CC. Everything from the intro-request is tracked with complete visibility to the referrer and clear attribution for referral bonus calculation.

The Proactive Referral Playbook

Tejas implemented this exact playbook at ChronicleHQ. He began making a bunch of intro-requests and starting multiple warm conversations with the best-fit candidates. The ChronicleHQ top of the funnel for candidates was now much bigger and the results were bound to show up.

A new high priority role opened up at ChronicleHQ - Frontend Engineer. Tejas had the referral playbook. He started asking for introductions. A few introductions were made and the top of the funnel opened up. Few moved ahead. Things moved fast and ChronicleHQ closed their frontend engineer role within 10 days of the role opening up.

The Win

The usual hiring cycle took them anywhere between 8 weeks to forever. With Kula, they cut short their hiring cycle by more than 80% and they’re confident about such numbers for other open roles as well.

“Referrals were the biggest hiring channel for us but very difficult to scale. We had to ping everyone periodically and ask them to refer their friends. With Kula, we made referrals proactive. I could mine for the best candidate from the ChronicleHQ employee network and ask for an introduction. We closed a role within 1 week as compared to 8 weeks before.”
Tejas, Co-founder, ChronicleHQ

Key Results:

  • 80% faster recruitment cycle
  • 3x Top of funnel candidates through referrals
  • Proactive and automated referral process

What’s Next

Kula has changed how ChronicleHQ hires and it’s just the beginning. The use of multichannel engagement across LinkedIn and emails with pre-made blueprints has widened the top of the funnel of best-fit candidates. ChronicleHQ is looking at decreasing the median time to hire by 50% and doubling the recruiter yield post their first in-house recruiter. Kula is a pivotal piece in ChronicleHQ’s hyper growth journey and we are excited to be a part of it.

See how Kula can help your business as well, if you'd like to! 

Rohit Srivastav

Founding Marketer

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