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The art of crafting engaging job descriptions: A recruiter's guide

Master the art of crafting job descriptions with tips on compelling openings, understanding your audience, showcasing company culture, clarity, injecting personality, emphasising impact, inclusive language, career growth, perks, and a strong call to action.


Hey there, fellow recruiters and HR wizards! 

Today, let's dive into the fascinating world of crafting job descriptions that not only grab attention but leave candidates eagerly reaching for the "Apply Now" button. After all, finding the perfect candidate is a bit like matchmaking, and the job description is your modern-day Cupid's arrow. 

Here are some easy ways you can master this art:

Start with a Bang

Picture this: a candidate scrolls through dozens of job postings, eyes glazed over with monotony. Suddenly, your job description pops up like a burst of confetti. Why? Because you started with a bang! Begin with a compelling opening that sparks curiosity and excitement. Forget the dull "Company X is hiring for Position Y" approach. Instead, try something like, "Join our dynamic team of innovators and be the driving force behind our next big success! Or even as Swapfiets would post it at “Are you Ready?! Join our movement!”

Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial. Are you seeking a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate? Tailor your language accordingly. If you're after a creative mind, inject some personality into your description. For a more corporate role, keep it polished and professional. Knowing your audience also means highlighting the perks that matter to them. Remote work options? Flexible hours? Be explicit about the benefits that make your company stand out.

Sell the Company Culture

Job descriptions are not just about duties and responsibilities; they're a sneak peek into your company's soul. What makes your workplace unique? Is it a startup vibe with ping pong tables and brainstorming sessions? Or perhaps a more structured environment with clear career paths? Use your job description as a canvas to paint a vivid picture of your company culture. Candidates want to know where they'll be spending the majority of their working hours, so give them a glimpse.

Be Clear and Concise

While you want to paint a colourful picture, don't drown your candidates in a sea of words. Be clear and concise. Break down responsibilities into bullet points for easy reading. Avoid jargon or overly complex language. Remember, you're not writing a novel; you're creating a roadmap for potential hires. Make it easy for them to see if they're a good fit. 

Inject Personality

Let your company's personality shine through your words. Don't be afraid to inject a bit of humour or personality into your job descriptions. It's a chance to show that your workplace isn't all about business; it's about the people too. But, of course, keep it professional. You want to come across as friendly and approachable, not unprofessional or careless.

Emphasise Impact

Candidates don't just want a job; they want to make an impact. Highlight the significance of the role within the company. Will they be leading a groundbreaking project? Solving complex problems? Managing a team of talented individuals? Give them a reason to feel that their contribution matters and that they're not just another cog in the machine.

Use Inclusive Language

Creating an inclusive work environment starts with the job description. Use language that appeals to a diverse audience. Avoid gendered language and be mindful of potential biases. Make it clear that your company values diversity and is committed to providing an inclusive workplace. This not only attracts a wider pool of candidates but also sets the tone for an inclusive culture. For instance at Textio, they make sure they talk about Inclusive recruiting, to eliminate bias in job posts, sourcing mail, and employer brand content before it filters out great candidates.

Showcase Career Growth

Top-tier talent is ambitious and always looking to climb the career ladder. Show them the path within your organisation. Whether it's a clear progression from junior to senior roles or a commitment to ongoing training and development, make it known that your company is invested in the professional growth of its employees.

Highlight Perks and Benefits

Let's face it; everyone loves perks. Whether it's health benefits, gym memberships, or free snacks in the breakroom, flaunt those extras! Make it clear what's in it for the candidate beyond the basic salary. Perks not only sweeten the deal but also give insight into how much your company values its employees' well-being.

Call to Action

Don't leave your candidates hanging! End your job description with a compelling call to action. Encourage them to apply, tell them how to do it, and give them a sense of urgency. You want them to feel excited and motivated to take the next step in joining your amazing team.

The Dos and Don'ts Dance

Do: Be Clear and Concise

Clearly outline the role's responsibilities, skills required, and what a day in the life looks like.

Don't: Overwhelm with Jargon

Keep it clear, simple, and let the candidate feel like a hero, not a confused sidekick.

Do: Inject Personality

Let your company's personality shine through. Whether you're a laid-back startup or a buttoned-up corporation, let that vibe echo in your words.

Don't: Discriminate with Language

Your aim is to attract diverse talent, not make anyone feel like an outsider. Words matter, so choose them wisely.

Final Thoughts

Crafting engaging job descriptions is both an art and a science. It's about striking the perfect balance between professionalism and personality, clarity and creativity. By mastering the art of crafting engaging job descriptions, recruiters can attract the right candidates, boost application rates, and set the stage for successful hires.

Hope this was helpful.

To easy recruiting,

Team Kula

Sandra Rachel Oommen

Content Marketer

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