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Laying the foundation for Kula’s customer success

I'm Erin. Mum to a 2yo, and Kula’s founding Customer Success Manager. Here's how we're laying the foundation for customer success at Kula.


I'm Erin. A mum to a 2yo, and Kula’s founding Customer Success Manager. 

My first interaction with Achu happened while I was at Drata, a notable compliance automation platform. Kula was one of the accounts I was handling as a Customer Success Manager at Drata. 

Every interaction with Achu and the other co-founders, Sath and Suman, would turn out to be productive. So I already had a flavour of how the team at Kula operates. 

However, honestly, I didn’t think of switching at that time. But when I later spoke to Achu, Sath and Rohit,  I could see this as an opportunity to contribute to a forward-thinking company and make a significant impact using my experience and what I’ve learned from previous roles in customer success. 

Laying the foundation for Kula’s customer success

I admire Kula's leadership in building a truly customer-centric company. As the founding Customer Success Manager, I am aligned  on building the foundation that enables a strong relationship with our customers and ensure they know that they are our priority. 

I am most excited about building the Customer Advocacy organization for Kula. It's a great honor and I feel like my entire experience in both Support and Success are coming handy.

Our customer success program is focused on creating a positive customer experience by prioritizing a couple of  things. 

First: Customer education. This is why we are creating more robust knowledge base articles, training videos, and developing a world-class support process. One way or another, customers will need some level of support throughout their relationship with Kula. We are getting ourselves fully prepared for that. 

Second: While we want to automate specific processes, we want to continue personalizing our approach. Every interaction with customers would be focused on their goals. This is where we can ensure that we are providing value. We will continue to talk to our customers, listen to their concerns and feedback and act on it. This means we will be there for customers to guide them from onboarding, training, and conduct regular meetings, and most importantly, be a reliable partner in their journey to successful recruiting. . 

Managing our valued customers, and a baby at home

Being a full-time working mom has its challenges, but I am grateful to find a company that completely understands the responsibilities of parenthood. I remember I was once having a meeting with Achu and all of a sudden, my daughter came into my home office, crying and insisting on sitting with me. I was worried but Achu was so considerate and assured me it was absolutely fine to have my baby around.  It was refreshing to hear something like that and to receive such support from a CEO.  I think Kula as  a whole has  one of the most focused yet supportive teams, and provides flexibility in your schedules as well. 

This allows me to tend to my lil girl and also pay equal attention to our dear customers. In fact, I see similarities in the roles that I play at work and at home - my job is to keep both the customers and my lil one happy at all times. And i love doing it! 

In closing, I would just say that the customer's success is the company's success. It's so simple but, at the same time, vital. The more your customers succeed in using your platform or tool, the more success it will be for the company. 

If you’re already a customer, you know that I’m just a nudge away. If you’d like to experience how we set our customers up for success request for a demo here or just have a friendly chat, feel free to drop a line on erin@kula.ai 

Happy Recruiting! 

Erin Estabaya

Founding Customer Success Manager

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