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Achuthanand Tanjore Ravi
4 minutes
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Hello to all the recruiters out there. We're thrilled to share some great news – the curtains are up, and Kula is now officially available to everyone!

After a wonderful two-year journey of refining and perfecting our product with valuable insights from early customers, we are absolutely delighted to introduce Kula to the entire recruiting community. This is a big moment for us, and we can't wait for you to dive in and explore what Kula has to offer.

But wait, there's more! We've also introduced a powerful AI feature that we're super excited about.

Say hi to Kula AI

In short, our AI will help you craft personalized and thoughtful cold emails in a snap. If you want to write unique messages that stand out, our AI has got your back. 

  • Our AI will help you ditch the time you spend on candidate research. 

We automate one of the longest steps in your workflow, and we do it better than any other recruitment OS out there. It’s that simple.

  • Hyper-personalised emails in one-click

Our AI will dive deep into your prospect’s unique experience and skills to make them feel special. You can bypass hours spent identifying motivators.

  • Get 4X more responses

We already know the formula to increase response rates, and now, we’ve strapped in AI as co-pilot. Hop on to be a part of the ride.

At Kula’s core

Remember, Kula's main goal is to give you back your precious time. By automating your entire workflow, our AI is an integral part of this promise. From sourcing top-notch candidates to setting up messaging across various channels, ensuring messages land in primary inboxes, and even crafting personalized content – Kula covers it all.

With Kula by your side, expect four times the responses, hires made six times faster, and an astonishing eight times increase in referrals. 

This isn't just a claim – it's what our satisfied customers from companies like Bubble, Temporal, Vercel, and more are experiencing. They've harnessed the power of Kula to build exceptional candidate pipelines, and now, it's your turn!

Kula, at your service

Take it for a spin, enjoy its automation prowess, and get ready to supercharge your recruitment game. Here's to more responses, quicker hires, and a brighter recruiting future with Kula! 


Team Kula

Achuthanand Tanjore Ravi
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