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Kula opens the doors to its first office in India

The office opening comes two quarters after the company’s signing of seed funding of $12 million USD, came in less than six months after Kula’s pre-seed and brings its total raised to $15 million USD.


Kula is proud to announce the inauguration of its first office space in India, in Chennai at Global Infocity, the hotspot of IT professionals in the city.

Headquartered in the United States, with an office in Singapore, we’ve been working remotely with the larger team for a long time now, from way before we emerged from stealth, well into the time we went public with our seed announcement. The plans to set up this physical office in India were initiated to better meet the needs of Kula’s rapid expansion plans. 

Our team, now 20+ members strong, work from around the world — Singapore, India, Italy, and the United States. They have met the pressures of scaling a startup even during the turbulent times of the lockdown. They have played a solid role in building Kula’s culture ground-up, all while working from home.

So why the physical office? This decision to open physical offices comes two quarters after the company’s signing of seed funding of $12 million USD. When the new FY came around the corner, we put our heads together to lay out the goals for the upcoming quarters. Turns out, our goals (goes without saying) required incredible momentum. While working remotely has been great so far, we agreed that we needed a new way to work:

For constantly reiterating feedback to our product

Our number one goal has always been making the product the best of the best. Our users have always been the #1 priority. As we onboard more users, and receive more feedback, we thought it best to be able to incorporate that feedback in real time.

For faster onboarding of our newer hires

Truth be told, as an early stage startup, we're not in a place to build a remote ready company. To work efficiently in a remote setting, the org has a whole has to be involved in setting processes. Our product, as well as our team, are growing at a rapid rate right now, and we don’t want our new employees feeling lost in the remote working environment. Being in the same space, with the ability to communicate with their managers within minutes is going to be powerful for the team and org. That being said, a couple of years down the lane, we'd love to be in a place where we can remotely, with ease.

For innovation and new ideas

It’s an exciting time for us, with more activity across marketing, more innovation within the sphere of our products, more conversations with recruiters, ideation of offline events, and so much more. We’ve had our fun creating virtual whiteboards, but it felt like it was time to really roll up our sleeves, and get in on the action. 

With roots in Chennai, our co-founders Achuthanand Ravi (CEO), Sathappan M (CTO), and Suman Kumar Dey (Architect) are thrilled to come full circle, and set up a physical office in India —

“I began my career here, and to return after a decade as an employer feels nostalgic. Chennai was a natural choice owing to its incredible talent pool and convenient environment. At Kula, we’re keen on changing the future of recruiting, and the first step is to lay a solid foundation in the form of a physical office here in India. As the next step, we will be hiring aggressively across all verticals to kickstart our expansion plans” said CEO Achuthanand Ravi.

We’re incredibly thankful to our team, our customers, and our investors Sequoia Capital India and Square Peg Capital, Venture Highway and Together Fund, for giving us the inspiration and encouragement every step of the way.

Watch this space for updates, in the coming months, Kula will be expanding its research and development, product and go-to-market teams in the United States, Singapore and India.

The growing Kula team located in Chennai, India

Interested in joining our team? We have open positions, and we’d love to hear from you!

Vilani Walter


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