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#MeetKula: Sathya From Finance

Say hello to Sathya Seelan Mohan, he’s our finance executive, the first member of Kula’s finance team, and the heart of the company.


Not all superheros wear capes, so we decided to create capes for them! Kula, and all the value it offers, stems down to the incredible Kula team, so we decided to turn the spotlight on some of our best. In our #MeetKula series, we shine the spotlight on the daily lives of Kulanauts. 

Say hello to Sathya Seelan Mohan, he’s our finance executive, the first member of Kula’s finance team, and the heart of the company. We sat down with Sathya to understand what he loves about his day to day impact at Kula, and what he loves about his work here.

Fast forward from your first day at Kula, to now, after a year. What has the experience been like?

Well, I was the first person to join the finance team. What instantly drew my interest was the freedom and levity that the founders inspired. Joining an early stage startup as a core member, I have learnt a truckload of things as well as worn quite a few hats. 

When I joined in 2022, the people’s team was at its nascent stages, I volunteered to pitch in and even partake in administrative tasks. 

What are you most proud of during your time here at Kula?

Besides my regular finance-related tasks, I dove head first into setting up Kula’s physical office in Chennai. I’m super proud of creating a great environment to work and chill with employees. Eager to continue to build on the space.

What does your typical work day look like?

My days are usually lined up with finance, admin and compliance tasks. I also spend time with different teams to understand how finance and compliance can be weaved together to enable teams to meet their objectives better.

Are you likely to recommend Kula as a workplace to your friends? If so, why?

Yes! I think the best part of Kula is the team. If there’s an issue, everyone on the team gets together to solve it. This kind of ownership and shared responsibility is a very organic part of the culture here at Kula. There’s no finger pointing or any kind of blame game. Anyone who joins the team can work with a peace of mind, since the entire team is there to help them out at any point in time.

Unlike other startups, there’s also heavy emphasis on having work-life balance. Kula is a good place to learn more and a free space to implement creative ideas.

Let our readers learn some fun stuff about you. Like your dream vacation and your favourite meal!

Breakfast and dinner are my favourite meals, I believe in beginning and ending my day with a nice meal. In terms of vacations, I enjoy road trips - some destinations on the bucket list are Norway (Atlantic road), North &  Eastern India borders, and North Pakistan.

Sathya Seelan Mohanraj

Finance Executive

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