7 smart prompts to make recruiters' lives easier

May 18, 2023
2 minutes

Recruiters, if you're not sure how to write a good prompt, we've got you covered. We've put together a list of the 7 ways you can write prompts to get the best out of your workday:

1. Write a 200 word job description for a <designation>
2. Generate copy for the first outbound recruiting email for a <designation>
3. Generate 7 quirky subject lines for candidate outreach
4. Develop content for the career landing page of a company belonging to the <industry name>
5. Create captions for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for a <designation> job post promotion
6. Draft a creative referral program pamphlet to circulate within the company
7. Generate an offer letter for a <designation>

Think these prompts are helpful? Then say hello to Kula, our OS does all this and more, within one dashboard! From sending automated, periodic follow-up messages, with dynamic personalisation, across channels like emails, InMails, and LinkedIn, as well as bringing all your employee networks spread across LinkedIn, Gmail, and spreadsheets, together on one single platform, Kula is a must-have for recruiters. Click here to learn more.

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