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Top 8 Recruitment Report Templates (With Examples)

Discover a curated selection of the top 8 recruitment report templates, complete with examples, to optimize your hiring process. Streamline data analysis and enhance decision-making with these comprehensive reporting tools.


If reports make you bored, unhappy, or sweaty as a recruiter, you are not alone. Estimates suggest that 74% of employees are either sad or overwhelmed when dealing with data. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

An easily customizable report template can help you present and predict your data faster. Templates make the reporting process more uniform and improve your effectiveness in conveying results to stakeholders. 

With report templates, you can identify weak spots early, access accurate data to draft solutions, and improve your hiring strategies. Using a ready-made template brings you many steps closer to quickly harnessing the benefits of recruitment reports. 

This is why we have compiled eight report templates to do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus better on other important aspects of your work. 

What is a recruitment report template? 

A recruitment report template is usually a customizable document that assesses the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns. The objective is to track the progress of hiring activities and how much return on investment (ROI) the organization has achieved. 

Using a recruitment report helps you better understand how to reach recruiting KPIs and the necessary adjustments to guarantee progress. It is a data-driven structure that helps you analyze your approach to reaching candidates. This way, you can keep stakeholders informed about your performance while improving the quality of your team's decisions. 

The goal behind a recruitment report is to ensure your best recruiting practices contribute to your business's success. 

For example, if your goal is to improve candidate experience, a recruitment report template will help to provide the necessary data to determine the challenges and solutions. 

A recruitment report template can also help you predict future results based on past data simply by personalizing the existing details to suit your business situation. 

What to include in a recruitment report template? 

A recruitment report template should include several details about the recruitment activities and their impact on the business as a whole: 

  • An overview of the recruitment goals: To keep everyone updated, it is helpful to have a brief summary of what your team is trying to achieve within a stipulated time frame. 
  • Recruitment KPIs and metrics: Your report must thoroughly analyze the key recruitment performance indicators and metrics. KPIs such as cost per hire, time to fill, quality of hire, and employee turnover rate must be visually presented within a good recruitment report template. 
  • Candidate information: Your report can include information about the candidates you hired and how you found them to be good fits. You can also include reasons why you declined certain candidates and those who rejected your offer. 
  • Recruitment challenges: Identify the bottlenecks you encountered during the recruitment process and be transparent about the impact of your approach to handling them. 
  • Possible solutions: Create a section where you include suggestions for possible solutions that will help address the challenges faced. Go the extra mile to gain stakeholders' buy-in for your solutions. 

8 free recruitment report templates for teams to try

84% of hiring leaders cited their inability to make the hiring process faster as a major challenge. However, recruitment report templates can save time and make your process more efficient. 

While most reports can be annually, monthly, or weekly, they can also be solely based on a specific metric. Take a look at each template and see how they can help! 

1. HR report template by AIHR 

This recruitment report template provides a holistic structure for tracking your results. It also includes examples and instructions for effectively presenting your key findings. 

With this template, you can show business impact metrics, strategic initiatives, highlights for the period, and risks.

You can also include: 

  • A detailed executive summary
  • Workforce profile that covers employee headcount, diversity, and age
  • An analysis of key metrics and the reasons behind significant changes 
  • Key discussion points and focus for the upcoming period 


  • Focuses on all the relevant aspects of recruiting and provides a structure for strategic analysis 
  • Provides a section that directly measures the impact of recruiting activities on business 
  • Uses a structure that accounts for multiple metrics at once 
  • Great for a presentation structured for stakeholders and supervisors


  • Places less emphasis on visualized data 

Download this detailed report template here

2. Customizable report template by Visme 

If you’re looking for an easily customizable report template, Visme provides one of the best options. It provides an action plan highlighting the recruitment challenges, solutions, and people assigned to the task. 

It includes: 

  • An executive summary
  • Project analysis
  • A breakdown of the budget
  • Recruitment analysis that addresses the KPIs that affect your business. 

This template is ideal for drafting a basic report that doesn’t rely heavily on data. It is suitable for teams without technical knowledge. 


  • Free in-built assets for design
  • Easily customizable features that require less technical knowledge
  • Numerous downloadable formats, such as PDF, JPG, PNG and HTML5


  • Lacks features for advanced analysis of KPIs. 

Download the customizable template here.  

3. HR Data and Reporting Slides by BambooHR 

This report template relies heavily on the data you generate from your applicant tracking system. It follows a structure that requires you to include screenshots of the detailed analysis your tech tool has put together for you. 

In this presentation slide, you’ll find:  

  • A section to draft a monthly report
  • Employee turnover analysis 
  • Hiring data
  • Overall employee information 

If you’re looking for a recruitment report template that helps you measure the current performance of your employees so you can make better recruitment decisions, this might be a better option for you. 


  • Provides detailed visualization and analytics of recruitment activities
  • Covers multiple aspects of your company’s HR activities
  • Easy to use for those with an applicant tracking system


  • Takes longer to customize it to suit your personal needs 
  • For more hiring-focused reports, this template might be out of context

Download this presentation slide here

4. Weekly recruiting activity report by Jotform 

This recruiting report template provides a detailed overview of the recruitment activities you performed in a week. With this form, you can avoid losing relevant information from your weekly activities, especially when you want to draft a monthly or quarterly report. 

The details in this form include: 

  • Number of candidate calls 
  • Number of interviews conducted 
  • Offers extended 
  • Weekly accomplishments and goals 
  • Roadblocks and major decisions


  • Easily accessible report format without any technical complications
  • Pre-determined questions cover major aspects of weekly activities 
  • Saves time and ensures quick documentation of key information 


  • Provides no data visualization of weekly activities
  • The form is structured to suit mobile view only 

Find the weekly report template here

5. Excel Recruitment report by Someka 

This detailed Excel sheet is suitable for tracking monthly or annual recruitment activities. It has impressive data visualization features that easily capture recruiting KPIs in an easily customizable way. 

This template contains: 

  • Number of applications per month 
  • Application sources 
  • Job openings and cost 
  • Candidate data 

Someka provides this template as an alternative for teams that have yet to invest in applicant tracking software. Although tracking this sheet can be cumbersome, it is still a decent starting point. 


  • Makes direct data entry straightforward 
  • Covers information about recruiters, departments, and job offer
  • Tracks candidate performance throughout the hiring process 


  • Managing this Excel sheet can be cumbersome with time 
  • You have to make a payment to access the full version of this template 
  • No section addresses recruitment challenges 

Access the recruitment report template here

6. Recruitment Tracker Excel Template by Kenjo

If you’re keen on following up on your employee recruitment process, this Excel template by Kenjo is an option to consider. It makes it easy to identify the open positions and why a candidate wasn’t selected. 

You also have the opportunity to filter the recruitment information based on different parts of the process that interest you. 

This template makes it easy to access: 

  • A dashboard that tracks key KPIs and the recruitment process 
  • Candidate information such as available jobs, application sources, location, and their status within the funnel 
  • Reasons for the candidate or company's decline 

If you’re handling data for a small or medium-sized business, you can rely on this Excel sheet as a recruitment template. However, customizing this template will affect the results if you start handling more candidates. 


  • Makes it easy to track candidate performance throughout the recruitment 
  • Visualizes the key KPIs and metrics throughout the funnel 
  • Prioritizes source of hire and company  details 
  • You can access the German and Spanish translations of this template 


  • No section provides actionable solutions to address recruitment challenges 
  • Automation will be affected if the name of tabs and order are changed 

Download a copy of this template here

7. Indzara recruitment report  

This recruitment template by Indzara helps you monitor your candidates across the major recruitment stages before a hire or decline is made. It also clearly accounts for application sources and decline reasons while providing detailed data visuals for each aspect. 


  • Gives automated data of more KPIs, including days of hire and days of fill 
  • Provides a section that helps you provide comments on every candidate 
  • Uses detailed visualization to present recruitment data 


  • This template has no section that allows you to make recommendations based on challenges 
  • You’ll have to upgrade to a paid version to access more advanced features 

Find a copy of this recruitment template here

8. Interview Scorecard Template  

Job interviews allow you to evaluate your candidates to determine whether they fit your organization well. With this interview scorecard template, you can check for competency and cultural factors while accessing phone screen questions to ask. 

This template helps you ask icebreakers, role-specific, and situational and behavioral questions to determine candidate quality. Using Kula ATS to generate AI-powered interview feedback can help you extract the needed data faster. 


  • Provides sample questions for you to ask when finding your ideal candidate 
  • Generates candidate scores from the perspectives of interviewers 
  • Gives access to a section that allows you to provide notes and your thoughts about the interview process 


  • Generating the candidate score requires manually inputting data into the sheet 
  • The learning curve for using the scorecard can be steep 

Access the interview scorecard template here

Use Kula ATS to access detailed reports for your team 

Reporting your recruiting efforts without an applicant tracking system is burdensome. If the automation gets tampered with, you’ll have to deal with messy Excel sheets and often access inaccurate data. This is where Kula ATS comes in. 

Using Kula ATS allows you to access detailed reports with easy automation and AI features that track your activities better. It also uses powerful analytics to help you identify your successes and bottlenecks so you can make better decisions when recruiting. 

Contact us today to fully automate your recruitment reporting system. 

Sandra Rachel Oommen

Content Marketer

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