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Announcing our Newest Release - Kula Analytics 2.0 - A Game-Changer

Discover the groundbreaking features of Kula Analytics 2.0 - revolutionizing the way you analyze data and make informed decisions. Explore now


As recruiters, we know the value of data. It's the compass that guides us through the ocean of candidates, helping us find the hidden gems and navigate the ever-changing talent landscape. At Kula, we understand this deep yearning for insights, and that's why we've poured our hearts (and some serious coding skills) into creating a powerhouse reporting suite designed to supercharge your recruitment engine.

Introducing Kula Analytics 2.0

This release unveils five stunning reports that go beyond mere numbers. They paint a vibrant picture of your recruitment process, uncovering hidden trends, illuminating efficiencies, and empowering you to make data-driven decisions that elevate your game.

Why We Did This

Before Kula Reports, recruiters navigated murky waters. Metrics trickled in sporadically, often siloed and devoid of context. Gauging team performance? A herculean task. Understanding candidate flow? More like playing "Pin the Tail on the Candidate."

We knew there had to be a better way. We listened to your frustrations, absorbed your feedback, and rolled up our sleeves. The result? A symphony of five reports, each playing a distinct yet harmonious role in your talent acquisition orchestra.

How We Did This

Every note in this symphony stems from your voice. Kula Reports are an ode to your need for transparency, actionability, and holistic insights. We took your diverse data points – candidate outreach, user activity, ATS data – and wove them into a tapestry of clarity.

Where Did They Go? (The Applicant Edition): Untangle the mysteries of your ATS!

Ever get lost in the maze of your ATS data? Feels like applicants just vanish into the void, right? Well, hold your horses, friend, because the ATS Report is about to light up your hiring world like a disco ball in Vegas!

Think of it as your recruitment X-ray, revealing the hidden treasure (and maybe some dust bunnies) in your application flow. You'll see where candidates get stuck, how fast they move through, and even which parts of the process need a sprinkle of fairy dust.

But this report isn't just a party on paper! It comes with all the bells and whistles:

  • Flow Visualizer: Watch your applicants cascade through the stages like a technicolor waterfall. See exactly where the logjams are (and where things flow like champagne!).
  • Number Ninja: Dive into the stats with detailed breakdowns by department, job role, you name it! Find out the exact count of applicants at each stage, no mystery spots allowed.
  • Conversion Champions: Go beyond just counting heads with awesome "pass-through rates" and "overall rates." See how many candidates navigate each hurdle and track your conversion magic from start to finish.
  • Time Traveler: Curious how long applicants hang out at each stage? The report spills the tea on "average time on stage." Identify delays, speed things up, and keep everyone moving like a well-oiled recruitment machine.

Candidate Whisperer: What Your Outreach is Really Saying

Recruitment lost in the fog? Messages swallowed by the void? Not anymore!

The Flow Health Report is your secret weapon, shining a light on where your efforts light up and where they need a little sun lamp love. Forget guessing – this report's like a peek into your hiring HQ, full of charts, graphs, and numbers that sing the whole story.

But it's not a solo act! Two superpowered pals join the party:

Candidate Touchpoint: Your outreach whisperer, revealing how messages land. Did Sarah dig your intro? Did John ghost you? Touchpoint spills the tea, like a first-date vibe check for your hiring journey. See replies, interview dances, and compare tech vs. marketing grooves – every team needs its own beat, right?

User Activity: Your internal cheerleader, tracking your team's daily hustle. Sign-ups, messages, interviews – it's all there, a data victory lap! Compare days, weeks, months, spot trends, celebrate wins, and tweak things for extra recruitment magic.

Building a Balanced Team: A Deep Dive into Your Diversity Distribution

Introducing the Diversity Distribution Report, your new best friend for understanding candidate diversity from the very start.

Think of it as a magic time machine that zips back to the moment a candidate enters your system. This is much earlier than the usual "first message sent" reports, so you get a wider view of what your candidate pool actually looks like, diversity-wise.

No more waiting to see if things get less diverse later! With interactive charts and graphs, you can see it all laid out, gender and all, right from the get-go. Spot trends, celebrate successes, and identify any areas where things might need a little boost.

But wait, there's more! You can also dig deeper by slicing and dicing the data based on departments, roles, or even where candidates came from. This is like having a secret decoder ring for diversity, helping you find any hidden biases or places where things could be fairer.

Confessions of a Recruitment Crew: Who's Working It and Who Needs a Nap?

Team Huddle Time: Who's Crushing & Where to Boost?

Recruitment feeling a little "meh"? Ditch the guessing game with the Team Productivity Report, your X-ray for performance! ‍

Want to see your DEI rock? Check the DEI Breakdown – it shows how everyone is progressing, stage by stage. Spot any hiccups? Time to adjust your strategy!

Curious who's the recruitment MVP? Activities by Recruiter & Flow spills the tea. See who's a chat king/queen, engagement master, and where to lend a hand. High fives and coaching, coming right up!

Let's celebrate the rockstars! Replied/Interested Candidates highlight who's turning chats into "I'm ins!" moments. Deserved high fives (or friendly nudges) for everyone!

But wait, there's more! Flow Performance shows the whole story – smooth sailing stages and ones needing a life raft. Collaborator teamwork? Conversion magic? Yep, you see it all!

Finally, the grand finale: No. of Hires and Offer Acceptance Rate. Connect the dots between effort and results, see who's bringing in the talent and sealing the deal!

Recruiting Rockstar Report: Shine a light on your team's hidden talents!

Ever feel like you're throwing pebbles at a talent mountain? Hiring can be a wild ride, but fear not, fellow recruiters! We're unveiling your secret weapon for laser-focused targeting: the KPI Report. Think of it as your X-ray vision for recruitment, letting you see what's truly working (and what needs a little TLC).

Five Flavours of Insight:

  • Who's Bringing the Buzz?: See which rockstars on your team are adding the most candidates, so you can celebrate them and spread the recruiting magic.
  • Recruiter Report Card: Open positions, replies, and "I'm interested!"s – track these three key signals for each recruiter, week by week. You'll spot strengths and areas for growth in a flash.
  • Diversity Decoder: Dive into who's replying and showing interest, broken down by gender. Make sure your outreach is reaching everyone and build a team that reflects the real world.
  • Channel Champions: Email? LinkedIn? Carrier pigeons? Discover which communication channels are bringing in the most candidates, so you can invest where it counts.
  • Message Masterminds: See who's crafting the most magnetic messages by tracking individual sender performance. Learn from the pros and watch your reply rates skyrocket!

Beyond Counts, Rates Tell a Deeper Story:

Forget just counting heads, this report lets you switch to "rates mode." Think open rate, reply rate, and the holy grail – interest rate. Now you can compare how effective your outreach is across the board, from recruiters to channels, even down to individual messages. It's like a secret handshake with your data, revealing what truly resonates with candidates.

Going Forward

This is just the beginning of our data-driven journey with you. We're constantly innovating, refining, and adding new features to ensure Kula Reports remains your trusted advisor. We have more stories to tell, more insights to unveil, and we're eager to co-create this data-powered future with you.

We invite you to explore the depths of Kula Reports, discover its hidden gems, and unlock the untold potential of your talent acquisition strategy. The future of recruitment is data-driven, and Kula is here to guide you every step of the way.

To easy Reporting

Team Kula

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Sandra Rachel Oommen

Content Marketer

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