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2022: The year of debut and smash hits

Kula's year in review 2022.


The initial years are always special for startups. And we couldn’t have asked for a better year one.

2022 was filled with several debuts and remarkable moments at Kula - from coming out of stealth, launching the product, hiring the first data scientist and salesperson, onboarding our very first set of customers, and the team meeting in person for the first time, stepping into the first owned office in Singapore along with many other events that made the year memorable. 

In retrospect, here’s what our year of debut looked like.

Kula said, Hello World!

We knew recruitment was broken. Recruiters were recruiting in 2022 with tools of 1990s. We made a commitment to fix it, and with us came, our pre-seed investors, our alpha cohort of customers, and our tribe - the recruiters.

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And the world said, Hello Kula!

Valentine’s day - we onboarded our alpha customers. And it was love at first hire. All our alpha customers continue to hire through Kula, and we could not be prouder. 

How a startup closed roles 80% faster using Kula?

We made some friends on the way

ATSs are good old guys of rec-tech. We wanted to be on their team. Kula is now a listed partner of Lever and Greenhouse. This partnership makes your ATS reporting much meatier than before. The bidirectional sync makes your ATS, the comprehensive source of truth and helps you juice much better ROI from your ATS investment. Kula on Greenhouse’s website

12 million reasons to be in the limelight.

We found new believers in Sequoia and Square Peg and raised $12 million in our seed round, bringing the total raised funds to $15 million in 6 months. What followed was Kula in Techcrunch, Forbes, Tech In Asia and Kulanauts on the Nasdaq tower. Here’s the team being proud on Nasdaq tower.

Touched base at Singapore HQ

Being remote is great. But rowing boats, cheering drinks, whiteboard world takeover plans need you to be together, for real. That’s what we did - for two weeks in Singapore, we jammed, played, and got ready to take over the world!

Topped the Product Hunt charts and became Product of the Day

We launched on Product Hunt, opening our gates for general availability. The support overwhelmed us, shooting us to the top of the chart on Product Hunt.

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Made recruiting easy, and secure

Our customer list grew, and with it grew the candidates, warm introductions, and referral numbers. We prioritized customer data security from the very first line of code, and it showed when we got our Soc 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance in quick successions. Read more.

Different countries, the same passion for recruitment 

When we say we help hire 2X faster and easier we mean it for everyone, including us. We were eight of us in January 2022, we are 16 in December, spread across 4 countries.

Well, this was our very first year in review. And we’re confident about many more! 

To easy, faster recruiting in 2023 and beyond!

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